The Helpful Hundred
Heinich, Molenda, Russell, and Smaldino (2001) suggest 100 verbs that highlight performance. Each of these verbs are observable and measurable, making them work quite well in writing objectives for learning. This is not to say that these 100 verbs are the only ones are can be used effectively, however, they provide a great reference.
add compute drill label predict state
alphabetize conduct estimate locate prepare subtract
analyze construct evaluate make present suggest
apply contrast explain manipulate produce swing
arrange convert extrapolate match pronounce tabulate
assemble correct fit measure read throw
attend cut generate modify reconstruct time
bisect deduce graph multiply reduce translate
build defend grasp name remove type
cave define grind operate revise underline
categorize demonstrate hit order select verbalize
choose derive hold organize sketch verify
classify describe identify outline ski weave
color design illustrate pack solve weigh
compare designate indicate paint sort write
complete diagram install plot specify  
compose distinguish kick position square  
Source: R. Heinich, M. Molenda, J. Russell, S. Smaldino (2001). Instructional Media and Technologies for Learning, 7th Edition. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, Inc.
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